New Google Classroom Assignments

Hello all!!!  I hope everyone is safe and doing well!  I have added some fun assignments to google classroom.  Here’s what I want you to know…

To the Students:  Remember to sign in under your school email (just like you do at school) or you can’t access google classroom.  Just do like you do at school.  If you can’t remember, no worries!  Times are really different right now.  I want you to stay at home and stay well.  Try working on the assignments by yourself.  If you don’t understand, ask an adult.  If an adult is busy, it’s okay!  You will not be in trouble for not doing an assignment.  We would encourage you to do them but there are so many other things you can do that involves learning as well.  You can do things such as reading a book, cooking, Legos, drawing, planning a make-believe trip, planting a garden, putting a puzzle together, playing a game, etc.  If you watch TV, put the closed caption on for a little bit and read the words to yourself while watching.  Go outside and enjoy nature!  You be creative!  Creativity is so important and oh, the things you can learn!  We learn every day from life.  I will be adding things to google classroom so keep checking back.


To the Parents:  Please see the note to the students.  School is of utmost importance but is not our top priority or stress factor right now…safety is!  As long as you are keeping your child(children) safe and feeling secure, you are doing an amazing job!  You do what works for your family!  Do not compare yourself to others.  We will get through this and better days are coming!  Right now, we are all getting through this the best way we can.

On a personal note…My family has been super busy!  We have been working on a big garden project.  Anna does a garden every year.  Back in Spring Break, we started building raised garden beds.  We worked super hard last week building more and planting the plants we had before it rained.  She has seeds coming in today.  So, we will continue the planting process this week. We will, also, put gravel between the garden beds.  It has been a huge project but what a perfect time to do this!


Take care and virtual hugs to everyone!




Google Hangouts

Okay…I am going to try this.  I am not sure I know what I am doing fully so please be patient.  I would love to talk to my sweet friends…   I know it’s last minute but I want to see if this works.  If not, it’s back to the drawing board and I will keep working on it.  If it does, I can plan check-ins.  So…Parents, please help your kiddos connect to this link and find my group Schoolbussey.  If anyone is able, please meet @5:00 for just a minute as I know this is dinner time.  Let’s pray this works…LOL!

Google Classroom

I have added a couple of assignments on Google Classroom if you would like for your child to do them.  They know how to get to Google Classroom (make sure they are using their school email).  I think everyone has joined my class because we have used Google Classroom.  If for some odd reason they haven’t joined, I have listed the class code to join.  Just click on the + sign at the top right and put in the code below.

Homeroom teachers:

Bussey- hdhncuz

Clift- cpdxm67

Hunter- rckdi2e


Hello, All!

Here we go into another two weeks off from school.  I hope you take this time to practice social distancing and stay home as the school has intended.  With that being said, I hope you can spend some quality time together as a family and just slow down and enjoy life (and stay well).  Play games, talk, put puzzles together, do arts and crafts, and anything else creative you can think of in addition to keeping your reading skills sharpened.  If you would like for your child to get on a reading site in which I have assigned some reading passages with questions, please go to

Once there:

  2.  Students may log in with their google account or use the code of their homeroom teacher.


Teacher Codes Are:

Bussey- 7UNK7C


Hunter- 3632EK


We have used Readworks in class so the students should be comfortable using it.  Also, it does read it to them.  I allow them to use this feature.


Be watching my blog for future ideas or important information.  🙂

Virtual Hugs to All!