Zoo Trip

Caldwell Zoo trip is April 10th.  We need parent volunteers to chaperone students at the zoo.  Please send me a note or email if you will volunteer.  If you have not completed a background check, I will send a form home and please return by Wednesday.


Easter Week

Just a reminder:  Friday is a holiday!  Enjoy your long weekend and Happy Easter!

Since it is a short week, there will be no reading passage sent home for homework.  Your child can always get on Read Theory.  They will know how to sign in and all since we do it regularly.  This is a great resource!!

Benchmark information is being sent home today.  Grades are not disclosed but we did mark if your child met expectations or did not.  If your child did not meet expectations, please have him/her do Read Theory and read books at home.  We are pulling your child for tutorials or your child is in an intervention program (in which you have already been notified earlier in the year).  We see your child every day and know how he/she is capable of performing.  Please boost your child with praise and encourage him/her to just do his/her best!  These tests are long and students are building stamina.  The STAAR test is around the corner and we are trying our best to build that stamina in order to prepare them for the rigor of the STAAR test.  Making sure your child is reading for extended periods of time and staying focused will be the best tool you can give your child.

This Week:

Vocabulary test on Quizlet will be on Wednesday.  Your child needs to be practicing Quizlet as much as possible.

Spelling words are being sent home today.  Test will be next Thursday (4/5).

We will be discussing the Benchmark and reviewing testing strategies.

Easter Party is on Thursday at 8:30.  Please make sure your child has 19 filled Easter eggs with their Easter basket by Wednesday.  Students will be allowed to sign out in the rooms after the party.  PLEASE make sure you sign your child out so I am not frantically looking for him/her and going in panic mode…ha!


Welcome Back from Spring Break

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Spring Break!  I enjoyed being with my family!  We are on the last nine weeks!  Wow!  Time is going quickly!

Students were given vocabulary words today.  Test will be next WEDNESDAY…not Thursday, our normal testing day, due to the Easter party and students leaving after the party.  Please have your child practice on Quizlet.  https://quizlet.com/_4milft

Math Benchmark is tomorrow (Wednesday) and Reading Benchmark is Thursday.  Please make sure your child has plenty of rest and is at school on time.

We will start our PBL (Project Based Learning project) on Tiny Houses this week.  If you would like to let your child watch some of the Tiny Houses episodes on TV or youtube or even research other websites and talk about it with him/her, this would help give your child a better understanding of what a Tiny House is all about.  This is totally optional!  Our driving question for this project is:  How can we provide a diverse housing market in White Oak?  Our class is responsible for coming up with a Family Friendly Tiny House.  It will be one project that we will all work together on.  Let the fun begin!





Tiny Houses

3rd grade kicked off their PBL (Project Based Learning) project today!  We are going to research and create tiny houses.  Each class is doing a different theme of tiny house.  My homeroom will be focusing on a family friendly tiny house.  We watched this video: https://youtu.be/dJ-9i88O6MI

We had a special treat today when Mr. Salter from Salter Construction came to talk to the third grade.  He did an amazing job and the students really enjoyed listening to him.  Thank you, Mr. Salter!


Happy Week Before Spring Break!!

Spring Break is almost here!!!!  This week we are winding down the third nine weeks with a novel study on Beezus and Ramona by Beverly Cleary.  We are doing oral summaries on each chapter and then some review pages on Thursday.  Whenever your child is reading a book to you, have him/her tell you something that happened at the Beginning of the chapter or book, Middle, and End.  This the strategy they need to use for summary (BME).  We will get to watch the movie on Friday and compare/contrast similarities and differences between the book and movie.