Something Happened in Mrs. Bussey’s Room Today…..

Something happened in Mrs. Bussey’s room today and the students became Inferencing Investigators to find suspects.  Someone stole the erasers from the eraser jar and messed up Room 200.  Suspects (Mr. Camp, Mr. McBride, Mrs. Odom, and Mrs. Rock) were called in for a meeting and questioned by students.  Students used inferencing skills.  We found the guilty party!  Please check the picture to see who was guilty!  It was a super, fun day in third grade!  We rotated classrooms and each reading teacher had a fun lesson on inferencing while the math teachers jumped in and helped out.  Such fun!!!!!!  Thank you to all who helped with this fun activity!  

Week of October 2-6

This week we will be working on:

Reading-  3.8…..Make inferences/draw conclusions about structure and element of fiction and provide evidence from text

3.13 C….Cause/Effect


Language Arts-  3.22Aiv….Adverbs


Social Studies-  3.1 A-C, 3.3 A, 3.9 A-C, 10A, 11 A ….  Founding of a Nation

Spelling Test this Thursday.  Words were given out last week and are written in your child’s planner (last week).

Vocabulary words are being given today.

Go to and you will find Spelling City and Quizlet.  Quizlet is what is used for vocabulary and Spelling City is for spelling.  Please have your child practice on both.  This will help them tremendously on the weekly tests.

Please complete the reading/math logs every week.  If your child has misplace her/his log, write it in the planner.  That will count.  We need to see this done!  🙂


Week of Sept. 25-29

This week we will be working on:


Reading- 3.4 B  Context Clues

Language Arts-3.22 A iv…Parts of Speech (Adverb)

Social Studies-3.1 A-C, 3.3 A, 3.9 A-C, 10A, 11 A ….  Founding of a Nation


New Spelling Words are being sent home today.  Test will be NEXT Friday.  I encourage you to have your child practice on the following link:


Vocabulary Test is THIS Friday.  I would suggest your child practice on this link:


Week of September 18-22

Here’s what we will be working on this week…..


Reading-3.8 C:  Identify if narrator/speaker is 1st or 3rd person


ELA-3.22 A:  Prepositions and phrases/time order words


Social Studies-1 A-B, 9A-D, 10 A-B, 19 A:  Basic structure of government in local, community, and state 


Picture Day is Thursday, Sept. 21st.


Spelling Test is Thursday.

Week of September 11-15

This week we will be studying:

3.8 A  Inferencing/drawing conclusions about structure and elements of fiction.  



  • Sequence and summarize the plot’s main events



3.4 A-C  Antonyms, synonyms, homographs, and homophones


3.22 Use and understand the function of the following parts of speech in the context of reading, writing, and speaking.  (B)  Use complete subject and complete predicate in a sentence.


4A-E, 5 A-D  Changes in physical environment (landforms).

Vocabulary practice test will be on Thursday.  If the student makes a 90 or higher, I will take that grade and they won’t have to take it again on Friday.  If they make below 90, they will have the opportunity to take it again on Friday.

New spelling words will be sent home today.  Your child should have their words written in their planners along with a printed list.


Cleaning Out? I’m Your Taker

I am trying to get my stations in full swing.  We will be doing stations during Guided Reading.  These stations will change in order to keep the interest level high.  The students love them and so much learning is involved..  Learning can be fun!  If you have any of these items that you would like to contribute, please feel free.  I know sometimes we clean out and are amazed at items we have stockpiled.  If you are cleaning out, I am your taker.  😉  I will take any of these items off your hands.  If you choose to buy any of these items (absolutely no obligations), most items can be found at Dollar Tree.


Paper Plates (the white cheap ones…new, please)

Dixie Cups (new)


Pipe Cleaners

Popsicle Sticks

Velcro dots or velcro strips

Index cards

Scotch tape


Little foam balls

Pom Poms (not the cheerleading kind…lol)

Coffee filters

Straws (new)

Q-Tips (new)

Playing Cards (just the basic, please)

Rubber bands

Small white foam cups (new)

Toilet paper/Paper towel tubes

Masking tape

Matchbox cars (does not have to be Matchbox…just that size)

Googly eyes



Cups (plastic in a package)

Cotton balls

Styrofoam bowls

Plastic spoons

Plastic wrap

Foil sheets

Elmers glue

Any kind of building blocks

I could always use white or colored cardstock.


Teacher friends:  If you have any pattern blocks, unifix cubes, or the little square blocks that you are cleaning out, I will gladly take them.


Again, do not feel obligated!  This is most definitely optional.